Preparing To Sell Your Home: How To Get The Best Price


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If you’re currently looking to move property, your thoughts will be dominated by the excitement of finding a dream home. Before you can make that purchase, though, it’s vital that you sell the current house at the best price.

The sale of the current property will influence how much you can put down on your future purchase. Furthermore, starting the next chapter will be delayed until you have found a buyer. Meanwhile, the financial impacts could have a potential impact on your life for many years to come. 

Here are five key steps that can boost your hopes of a fast and fairly priced sale. 

Fix Faults Around The Home

When prospective buyers look at the home, each fault they spot is another job that they need to do. Unless they are actively looking for a fixer-upper, this is likely to turn them away. As a seller, those small problems may lead to reduced audience size and value.

In many cases, you can find DIY tutorials to fix minor faults with the plumbing or walls. However, even if you need to hire an expert, it is likely that the small expense will be rewarded with a bigger sale price. The property will be more enjoyable to live in between now and your moving date too.

Take a few weeks to prepare your home in this way, and it’ll work wonders for your sale.

Make The Home Appear Bigger

Prospective buyers often aren’t overly fussed about your decor choices. After all, they will almost certainly make changes to their tastes. What they will look for, however, is space. Any opportunity to make the home feel larger should be grabbed with both hands.

This is an ideal time to declutter as it’ll also save you from taking unnecessary products to the new home. When combined with this guide to keeping your property clean, you will find that the property carries a greater appeal. Simple ideas like dressing the windows to embrace increased natural lighting can have a positive influence too. Not least because it creates an inviting vibe that buyers and investors love. 

Using wall-mounted items instead of bulky units may aid the cause too.

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Work With A Dedicated Team

Successful marketing strategies are needed for selling any asset. Your home shouldn’t be any different, especially because it is a hugely valuable asset. If you cannot get the property seen by the right people, you will not gain viewings or subsequent offers that you deserve.

While it may be tempting to promote the property yourself, it requires a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, you won’t have the contacts or marketing experience. Listing your home through an experienced agent that specializes in your location or property type is advised. They will promote the USPs, get your property seen by the right buyers, and save you valuable time in the process. They can also know whether to target investors or families. 

It should bring a fair sale price as you’ll gain a professional valuation and market advice.

Add Some Curb Appeal

First impressions count for a lot in this world, particularly for homebuyers. While most people will look at online listings first, there is nothing quite like seeing the property for real. As a seller, you should know that the external features will set the tone and influence the buyer.

Improving the front of your property can make it stand out from the neighboring properties. This ability to immediately impress buyers can encourage them to consider life inside the property. This is before they’ve even looked at living spaces. From resurfacing the driveway to painting the siding, quick jobs can give your house the wow factor it deserves.

Crucially, it can bump up the value of the property by a significant figure.

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Define Each Room

On the one hand, you will benefit from depersonalizing the home and using neutral colors. However, this should not mean that the home becomes one big blur. You must give each living space and understand exactly what buyers want from a home.

Buyers perceive bedrooms to be worth more than offices and dining rooms to be more valuable than playrooms. Not least because they could create an office via an outside building. Crucially, though, each room should have a clear function. When rooms double up as two things, it can make the property seem too small or unfit for purpose. This is the last thing that you need.

When the function of each room is clear, it should be easier to gain a sale.

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