different kind of Fever..

The more blogs i read with people talking about being pregnant or they just delivered, i feel that familiar feeling- i don't know if i would call it jealous but maybe it is

Hubby , we didn't want anymore kids, we had Brooke and we felt like our family is complete.
She turns 10 next month, how can my baby be 10.
We would have a babysitter and for sure she would be a big help to us.

For the past 2 years she has been asking for sibling, i feel so sad every time it is mentioned, because i really think i would give her a baby brother or sister.  I wish i could convince hubby it is ok and we need another kid, i really truly do want a baby

I loved the baby belly part, i love watching my belly grow, i loved the first flutter that sooner turn into strong kicks, i didn't enjoy the morning sickness or the aches and pains, but she was so worth it and i am so glad we got pregnant with her when we did because I am not sure we would have had a kid if we waited, but maybe i am wrong, but just after we found out I was pregnant- hubby lost his job, so that made preparing for a baby very tough, but we did it, everything worked out for us, he is in a very secure job right now( well as secure as jobs can be), I am in a secure job as well and i would love some Maternity leave.

This may sound wrong and feel like I'm going about it wrong but here is what i am doing

I am praying that if this is meant to be, it will happen, we will have another baby, yes i am on birth control ( IUD) so the chances are slim, but God can make it happen, he wont allow an IUD to stand in his way, I only want this if it is his will off course.
Maybe I'm just crazy to even think about having a baby now and going back to those new born days, and yes at times i think i am crazy to, but i cant get the feeling to leave me alone.

I don't want to keep bugging my hubby, because his pet peeve is when people nag him, so i don't want to do that, but i want a baby.

So what would you do? Am i going about this wrong and praying about it, he did say to cast all your care upon him for he cares for you, that means what things would make me happy, he cares about them.

I'd like some advice because if this happened i wouldn't want it to put a wedge in my marriage, maybe I shouldn't even post this, because i am not that evil, malicious person who would want to reek havoc on my marriage.

I appreciate some advice :)


  1. I would have a serious, sit down, come to Jesus talk with him. If he truly does not want another child, there's your answer. If one person in a relationship doesn't want a child, that's the decision.

    Maybe talk about IUD removal with him. See how he feels? That would truly be God's will, right? Who knows if it would even happen? Just tell your husband what is in your heart and go from there.

    Good luck!

  2. I think having a serious talk with your hubby is the first step. Maybe he would be open to discussing having another baby. If he really is against it, then I wouldn't keep asking because your marriage is more important. If you both have a strong faith, then pray together about it :)

  3. My husband is pretty much content with the fact that this second child of ours is a boy and he would be happy with just the two. I keep saying don't close the door because I would like at least one more. I think the communication is the key.

  4. i think that is a hard decision but you are right - if God wants it to happen he will make it happen!

  5. Awww, I can so relate to this and we did decide to have one last baby. My oldest is 25, youngest 5. ;) There are two in between. I like it, and can't imagine a house w/o kids. My friend on the otherhand, are all certain I've lost my mind. That's okay though, they still love me. :)

    Best of luck with your decision, and I think praying in earnest about any big decision, at least praying for direction on the right thing to do is always in the plan. :)


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