Weekend Recap

Friday: Had another test at work, 95% again... 
we also had a free BBQ, they hot dogs, hamburgers, veggies, chips and pop, it was delicious. 

I had treatment number 5 at 3, i managed to get a ride home with a friend who works at the hospital, better then taking a cab( i don't drive), we went to get Brooke and she brought us home, Brooke and i decided we would go to the mall for dinner and to do a little shopping, i also needed to switch my phone to hubby's old blackberry, but while there they were showing me some phones and how cheaply i can move up to a iPhone, so this weekend i became the owner of this bad boy 
i thought it was gonna be very difficult after using a blackberry but it isn't hard at all, i think i'm in love with it, so much you can do and play with on there. I stayed up far to late playing with it as well, talked to my hubby who was still away and finally fell asleep.

Saturday:  had to be at a hotel here in town for 9:30 am- we were having a prayer time there because Sunday night something exciting is happening( will share), so we prayed for an hour, then we went to market to pass out invitations for Sunday Night, we got back home just before 1 pm, at 1:15 our Daddy came home, Brooke was so excited, time flew while he was gone though, i kept super busy. I really missed him though. i took a nap around 2 pm, and i woke just before 5, with chills, sore throat etc, i was feeling gross...we had some company stop in for a bit, i went back to bed when they left around 7, and slept til 8 am sunday morning, i woke up feeling fine.

Sunday: Sunday school, we had a fun time there.
We have to soon start working on our Fruit of the Spirit theme- it is going to be so much fun.
Came home, ate lunch, took a hour nap with hubby and then we had to go get groceries, i hate grocery shopping.
Had to leave by 4:30 to help set up for our Gospel Concert Giveaway-  it began at 6:30 and wow, what an amazing time we had, we gave away bicycles, gift cards, decor stuff, toys etc, we had a great turn out.

Here are some pictures of my pretty girl

Malaki, Selah and Brooke. These three kids are inseperable. 

Just  me with my pretty outfit from my sister, she sent me a just because present. Love her 


  1. Exciting! I love my iphone and it's camera capabilities.

  2. Oh! Pretty Outfits and new phones! Gotta love it. I personally love my iPhone, but phone I've ever owned. I had a andriod before this that never rang when I had a phone call. Never a problem with the iphone.

  3. She is a pretty girl, and everyone says they love their phone once they get it. :) I still have a Trac Phone, even w/my kids making fun of me and I love IT. I won't try the smart phone because I think I'd want to switch if I did. ;)


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