My heart is defently broke knowing that because of prior commitments i am unable to be there today, i know Marcie is looking down and saying don't cry for me, i have my miracle that she always longed for. My heart is there with you and you are all in my prayers in the coming days,weeks and months.  
As a relative she was my cousin. In reality she was more like a sister. All through out both of our lives…she was my best friend. As again cancer has claimed another relative of mine. Now all we can do is accept the facts and say, she will suffer no more and, Marcie has gone to a much better place.
For those of you that knew Marcie I am sure there are many special moments that now enter your mind as you think of how glorious each day was that you had the pleasure of sharing her company. She was a very special person that always had a smile on her face accompanied by her cheerful laugh that would always make anyones day much better. For me its much more than that. 
As first cousins we were close. We grew up together, played together, spent the night at each others house together and went to the same church. I can remember many things we did together, from when we were kids to present day. When we were young we read together or we did crafting together. ” Memories, Thats what life's all about as we share them with the ones we love. 
I can just picture Marcie running around in heaven as now she has new legs, no cancer and pain free, she wouldn't want us to be sad because she is gone, she told me she would get her miracle either here on earth or in heaven, it hurts to know she has left this world, but its exciting to know she has her Miracle, she waited her whole life for the day she could walk without her braces and her crutches. 
Remembering others as they pass on to those pearly gates above. ” 
I love you all . 


  1. Terri, I share your pain having recently lost one of my cousins. Hugs to you and your family.

  2. I have a cousin who she & I grew up like sisters too. I know how much it hurts to lose someone close to you too. Wishing you lots of good thoughts, Terri and sending a hug too.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It is great to keep those good memories as we should truly celebrate life and know she is with our Lord! You are strong and she will always be with you in spirit and in heart.


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