My voice was back when i woke up, it was quiet for a day and a bit while i had no voice- ha ha. The doctor diagnosed me with strep throat and a sinus infection, now I'm on meds and def feeling better.
Friday was a pretty laid back day at work and we finally felt like we weren't over come with information, one more week left in the classroom and then we have 2 weeks with Abay- which means we are taking phone calls but we have a lot of floor support, i hope i can do this , right now i am not so confident... i feel i don't know anything, but i am sure after being on the phones it will come to me again...
I had my 6th Treatment at 3 pm- MY LAST ONE at least for a while...
It was one of the easiest i have had so far..
I came home and took a nap because it always leaves me exhausted.
at 7 pm, we had to go look at a house we were offered to take care of for friends of friends... I fell in love, it is gorgeous.... has a big pool out back, a jacuzzi bath room, we took it off course, it feels like truly a blessing from God. It is cheaper then the mini home and much more room and  cuter.
I was feeling under the weather, i was in bed before 9 pm..

Saturday: I slept in a little bit, then my mother called me at 11 am and told me my Poppa was being rushed to the hospital via ambulance, his heart rate was very high and he wasn't feeling the greatest, this man never gets sick and would never go to the hospital via ambulance if he could do other wise, so we knew he must be sick when they took him, then i also found out my cousin ( Marcie- with cancer) is in the hospital as well, she is so sick and in much pain, we need a miracle in her life. After all that bad news, i tried to decide if i wanted to go home to Newfoundland or wait and see what happens, i decided i would wait and see what happens.
Brooke and i went Yard Sailing- we didn't buy much, just a board game, then i had an apt at 2 pm to learn about  my new iPhone- it was so helpful, i am so glad i took it.
While there i went and got a Coconut Creme Frappe- so delicious, would recommend it for a good cool drink
I browsed around Bit at the mall while i waited to be picked up, ran into one of the girls from work and chatted a bit, love her so much.
We came home and put groceries away- i hate that chore... then i popped on line for a few mins, we went to visit my sister for dinner, it was so much fun, i haven't seen her since my parents were here, such a long time ago it felt like, she had other friends over as well and we had a lot of fun. I didnt take any pictures though.
Brooke did have a mini photo shoot this weekend- my baby is almost 10!!!!!!!!!

I need to desperately loose weight.... hate how i look
Once we got back from my sisters we hung out and watched the hockey game while i did some laundry.

Sunday: Happy Fathers Day to the most amazing Men in my life-
My Husband, my Dad and my father in law, off course my Bro in laws are pretty awesome as well.
We had Sunday school where we had pretty decorative coffee cups for the Dad's, the kids were able to write on them, it was so cute, then we filled them with chocolate bars and other types of chocolate, it is hard to buy for men, but they all enjoyed that.
The church gave all the men, BBQ sauce- perfect for my hubby because  he is a pretty avid bbq'er and it will be put to good use for sure.
he had requested steak, eggs and bacon for lunch, so that's what we did, i hate going out to eat on popular occasions because every place is crowded and filled and the line ups are soooo long..
So we stayed home and it was a tasty meal.
I napped and i was supposed to be going for a driving test and i slept and missed it, oppps ( NOPE I DON'T DRIVE), had sunday evening service and wow, what a powerful one it was, we had 3 healing's and 2 filled with the holy spirit , God is up to good things here.

This is my last week in the classroom, i write my final exam on Wednesday, very very nervous, i accept all good luck :)

Have a great week


  1. That coconut cream frappe looks SO GOOD! And I love the photos of your daughter. She's so pretty!

  2. I don't think that I will be able to get the image of your Starbucks beverage out of my head! My drinks are boring in comparison.

  3. Wow, what a weekend! Now wait, you didn't offer ME some of that yummy looking beverage? And you say we're friends? ;-) Good luck on your final exam. I know you will do wonderfully!

    PS: I can't find your follow button and I'm NOT getting your posts by email. What gives?

  4. My husband is going through finals soon too and he's a little nervous (but he always does well). Wishing you and him a ton of luck. :)

    And hurrah for swinging on the swings, lol. It's fun to relax like a kid once in awhile, isn't it? :)

  5. I want a frappuccino now. Unfortunately I know what happened with your cousin and see you wrote a post about it. So I'll head over there soon. I'm so so very sorry. 28 is just way too young. I do hope your dad is doing ok today.


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