Wednesdays for Women

Wednesdays for Women- to uplift and encourage

I have had this on  my mind for the past while and finally i need to get it out there in hopes of helping someone..

It is referred to often as
~the silent killer
~just being crazy
~ living in fear

to me it isnt just being crazy.
To me it is the silent killer, the way you let your mind allow you to live in fear of the unknown, get really stressed, have numbness come into your face etc..

It is the type of disease that leaves your doctors not wanting to diagnose you as " depressed or anxious"- they try to stay away from that, unless you bring it up first to them, it is their job after all, but it is almost like they are to ashamed of you to even admit that your dealing with anxiety...
then off course it is the trial and error with medication, which usually takes several months because most don't even work until you have "tried" for 6 weeks.

I live in fear so much, when we get in the car to drive down the road, i am always on "edge" meaning i am terrified that my hubby will fall asleep, or another vehicle will hit us....my hubby has never fallen asleep with us in the car but i have that fear.

I am fearful that he isn gonna get into a car accident and i wont get to be held by him again...
I am fearful that Brooke will drown in the swimming pool ( she always has an adult)
I am fearful of our house catching on fire
I am fearful of not being "good enough" and losing

am i the only one who deals with this, sometimes it is suffocating, it is exhausting and i wish it could go away... I have tried all kinds of medication and so far no permeant change.

It is very hard to deal with fear

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