Rest in Peace my angel

Heaven got another Angel today

Marcie got her wings today and she flew home to heaven..
We miss her so much here on Earth but she is walking with the angels, she has new legs and a new body, she no longer has spinal bifida, no more cancer. 

We will miss her here but heaven is sweeter with her there. 
I love you my sweet angel, go rest with Jesus <3


  1. God, make me brave for life: oh, braver than this.
    Let me straighten after pain, as a tree straightens after the rain,
    Shining and lovely again.
    God, make me brave for life; much braver than this.
    As the blown grass lifts, let me rise
    From sorrow with quiet eyes,
    Knowing Thy way is wise.
    God, make me brave, life brings
    Such blinding things.
    Help me to keep my sight;
    Help me to see aright
    That out of dark comes light.

  2. I'm really sorry that you lost someone you love.

  3. So sorry for your loss Terri.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. It seems that you have a good view on it and I agree that Heaven is sweeter. Nonetheless missing you won't see again for the rest of your life is so incredibly painful. Hugs!

  5. May your memories give you peace and comfort.

  6. My condolences, honey, but she is beyond pain now! *hugs*


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