Alone- Wednesdays for Women

To Inspire and Encourage 

You are not alone, you are never alone. 
You always have God with you, he brings us something good out of every bad thing that happens, that don’t mean to go out and sin because something good will come out of it, that is not what I’m saying. 

His plan for us is good, even when we cannot see the good, just wait there is a good thing coming. 

There are so many good things that come out of bad things say for example: technical problems with your computer lets say- this could be preventing you from getting a virus, or even worst being in the middle of some drama and losing friendships. 
I know the above example may not seem to be horribly bad to you, but to me if my computer died, I would feel lost, my computer and I are friends and it allows me to connect with you beauties each day, now I have an iPad and iPhone but I don’t use them as other people do, I like the screen and the keyboard on my mac and i just can’t get use  to the iPad. 

Things really don’t have to be as difficult as we make them. When you’re dong the right things for you then everything flows. When your energy is right and in alignment with what you’re doing then there is no struggle.

So the next time something happens that seems like a bad thing, stop and ask yourself if you can see it in a different way. Look for the opportunity that lies behind the seemingly bad situation – it’s there, if you allow yourself to see it!

***I appreciate you beautiful ladies for coming by here, It has been a year that I have been doing these daily devotions and I appreciate your reading and comments so much, the emails that I have gotten makes me so happy to continue to do this. 

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