Weekend Recap

I woke with the family and got ready, I had planned to go in town and get my nails done, i changed my mind at the last minute and went back to bed, as I was feeling tired. 

I went to lunch with some amazing ladies and I took no pictures.. grrr 
We went for chinese food, we were at the restaurant chatting until nearly 3 pm, then I went to get my nails done and then met hubby after work, we came on home which seldom happens on a friday evening, but I was feeling cruddy again and went to bed for a bit, then watched some hockey and off to bed. 

Stayed in my pi's all day, had no where to go and no where to be, hubby went into the office and I gave him a list to get me at the grocery store, Brooke and I watched movies and I did clean the house and did laundry. 
made some cookies after dinner and hubby made some chilli for sunday. 

My new niece made her grand and quick entrance into this world at 10:26 am, 7 lbs and 7 oz of absolute perfection
My beautiful sister who is my hero, 3 kids and never has had medication, def a hero 

~Norah Rose Stassen~

We had friends over for chilli. It was so delicious. 

This proud new auntie is off to bed


  1. Norah Rose is beautiful! Congrats to your whole family… and as for your sister, three kids with no meds… Clapping!!

  2. Awe so cute!! New babies are so exciting, aren't they?! I wish I knew any latley

  3. What a beautiful baby! I love her name! Congrats Auntie. :-)


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