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I am a planner, I love to know who, what, where and how something will happen, I love to plan, I lay awake at night and I trouble myself with things I should plan or I lay awake thinking about things that I cannot plan because I have no idea who, what, when, where it will happen.
It is very frustrating as a person who plans to deal with.
I begin thinking about Brooke’s birthday party around January once Christmas is over, her birthday is July but I never wait til the last minute because I am a planner.
My calendar is always written in and it is never far from me, I put everything in there, I do not use my phone for my calendar as I like the pen to paper feeling.

We need to sometimes let life just work it self out, it is good mentally, physically and for our well being, it can cause stress but we will get thru it, God already knows our past, present and future, so why stress over things we cannot change. 

Are you a planner or do you let God take full control?


  1. My husband is the planner in our house. If we're going to do something, he needs to know at least a week ahead of time to get 'mentally prepared,' as he calls it. I'm sort of a planner, but mostly everything is in my head, and sometimes I get too much rumbling around in there and I forget something. ;)

  2. I am 100% a planner as well! I find that most women are. My husband always has to ask me what our plans are and someone made fun of me for starting to plan my daughter's 2 year birthday party in October (she will be 2 in January so you are slightly ahead of me in birthday planning).


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