Marriage Tip # 10- Final

Week 10- Marriage Tips 
(This is the final week) 

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Week 1- Dating/Courting
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Week 9- Sex 
Week 10- Protect your Marriage 

Protect your Marriage
There are so many dangers out there that will try to take your marriage away from you, there are so many porn sites that make men/women think they can find more, or have fun looking.. 
The grass is not always greener on the other side...  in fact appreciate what you have because if you throw it away, some one else will take that precious gift and love and nurture them for the rest of their life. 
Appreciate your Happily Ever after- no it is not a bed of roses all the time, and it takes work and lots of it, but you can make it last. 
Remember to Date your spouse, communicate to them, Fall in love with him or her every day, all over again and again, never say the D word, do not talk negative to other people about him, keep your life in this order: God, husband/wife and kids, Respect your marriage and your spouse, learn their love language, have lots of sex and lastly protect your marriage, don't let anything take it from you. 

Song of Solomon 1:2
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—for your love is more delightful than wine.


  1. I like your tips, some important reminders to keep that union happy and strong - thanks!

  2. Very wise words and I love that you tied in the Song of Solomon at the end. My husband and I are writing a marriage series right now. Too funny!

  3. Great tips :) My husband of 5 years and I have recently started to "date" again as our daughter is now 2 and we feel the need to seek "us" time again! Dating is fun no matter how long you've been together!!! :)

  4. This was our service in church last month. So much truth and great tips to keep a marriage going strong!

  5. I've experienced the D word, and never want to go through that again. I feel so lucky to have been given a second chance and to have found my soul mate and best friend. We date, we talk, we apologize when we're wrong, and yes, we work very hard to protect our relationship...


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