I seldom blog from my heart anymore, the post I share are more up beat and positive... so I'm sorry if this seems negative.

I am in a hurting place right now, a place that is dark and scary, the place where depression and anxiety lives, I'm not sleeping at night, I'm barely eating, I don't even know what to do.
I feel like crying all the time, I wanna sleep all the time because when Im asleep my dreams are usually good.

It's a scary place to be. It isn't a place I choose to be, a place that choose me and I am trying to work on getting out of there... if I'm not around for a bit, this is why.


  1. (((((Hugs))))) Perhaps talking about it may help? Can you share what you are feeling with your husband or a friend?

    Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. xo

  2. Terri - I am incredibly sorry to hear this and think that you are brave to share your feeling here. I'm urging you to find the right sort of support because sometimes things are way too big and heavy to deal with alone. And you shouldn't have to deal with this sort of stuff alone. Virtual friends are hear to support, offer prayers and positive thoughts for you - but I'm hoping that you identify someone in your community (perhaps your pastor, or a professional) to help you. Sending strength and love. xxx


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