Wednesdays for Women- Tears/Grief

I was listening to a lady speak one night and she gave me some good thoughts..

To those people who have "Never had a good day", you need to start a calendar and at the end of each day place a happy face on the day and when you feel like you NEVER have a good day, look back on it, show your self you have had Good days.. it will help with take away the sadness

There are things are worth shedding a tear over, you do not need to apologize for the tears, if someone dies, if someone is sick, there are also very happy tears
the birth of your babies, your wedding day
but to many tears can become dangerous, it can cause a dark rain cloud over us, what become a justifiable emotion can make us go into a depression..
Once there it is very difficult to come out of, it is very dangerous for us as well.

When you are crying those tears, call out to Jesus, talk to him share with him your thoughts, and let him give you a peace that no one else can give you .

We never know what will trigger that hurt and pain because if we do we will stay in the hurt and pain and the longer we stay the longer it is to get out of there.. 

We do have a hope

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  1. I strongly believe that if we ask, we will receive-not necessarily right away or the exact way we want-but our prayers will get answered ;-)


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