It's friday but Sunday is coming

It's Friday but Sunday is coming. 

I do not talk religion here on the blog, I do share that I attend church etc but I am not one to push my religion onto someone. 

You have a choice though, he died for you, will you live for him? 

{Good Friday when I was growing up was a day the family packed up and went to the cabin, we never did go to church on Good Friday, I know a lot of people do, we would go to the cabin, go ice fishing, then have a fish dinner, it was a great day of fun and family.   Now that I have my own family, we enjoy the day as a family, sometimes we will go visit some friends, but I think this year we are staying home, I'm gonna clean and do little to nothing. }

DO you have any Good Friday memories? 


  1. Going to the cabin sounds like so much fun! While I was on the way t work this morning I noticed no one was on the road except for a few stragglers and a lot of my co-workers. Things aren't thought of like they use to be. I hope you guys have a happy Easter!

  2. my only cabin memories were when i used to go to summer camp years ago :D


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