Wife Talk - 10 Signs you may be headed for marriage problems

I don't believe anyone ever goes looking to have an affair. Instead, affairs happen over time when we let our guard down and quit focusing on our marriages. One of the best things you can do to keep your marriage strong is to pay attention to the signs that your relationship is headed in the wrong direction. So here are ten early warning signs someone may be headed for an affair... 
1) If you have an "It'll never happen to us" attitude. Don't EVER let your guard down. 
2) If you confide in someone of the opposite sex about your marriage problems. 
3) If you neglect your marriage and no longer try to meet your spouse's needs. 
4) If you are not doing regular check-ups with your spouse asking, "How are we doing?" 
5) If you are not being proactive in the growth of your marriage. 
6) If you focus all your energy and attention on your children and not your marriage. 
7) If you are locking your phone from your spouse, or deleting texts or Facebook messages so your spouse won't see them. 
8) If you find yourself dressing up and paying more attention to your appearance in hopes that "they" will notice you. 
9) If you are keeping secrets or hiding things from your spouse about a friendship you have with someone of the opposite sex. 
10) If there has been a huge drop off in intimacy or none at all.
Protect and guard your marriage

Taken and used with permission from Trey and Lea's Stronger Marriage


  1. I agree, that most - most likely don't go looking. I agree that being intuitive to signs and repairing and issues is crucial.

  2. almost like the 10 commandments of marriage..... :D

  3. These seem to be very obvious signs however, I think when people are in a rut, they either ignore them or avoid them on purpose!

  4. This reminds me of an excellent book called "His Needs Her Needs". It talks about how to fill your spouse's specific needs, how to read them, and therefore how to combat the possibility of an affair. I really like your list.

  5. Satan would love to destroy our marriage as that destroys our homes and our influence. We must be on guard and protect our walk with the Lord!

  6. Very good points. Satan is working overtime these days and this is an excellent reminder!


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