Weekend Recap

Friday: My girlie was out of school so I thought i'd take the day off too, I work for a really great company have I mentioned that ;) 

We slept in late, I cleaned the house, she had sprained her ankle so we couldn't do what I had planned to do with her, I thought maybe a girlie day at the mall with a pedicure and a movie but we couldn't do it. 

After I cleaned, I worked on sewing her costume, they have a drama coming up in a few weeks and I had to sew her costume, call me lucky. 

I had agreed to babysit for a friend a few days back, her hubby planned the entire thing and here I sit writing this, her little guy is in bed

It is nice to have some peace and quiet. 

Slept in a bit, got ready and went to town with my hubby to get me some new clothes

I needed a couple pieces of summer clothing, so I got some brighter colours, that black and white striped is actually green and white, nice for spring, not sure why the colour is black on here. 

We got groceries and then went to the venue for the CD launch of our Pastor, you can find him on iTunes ( Matt Linton), we had a great time.. so sad that they are leaving but wish them all the best. 

Boston Bruins ended their hockey season tonight as well, they are all done, they did not make the play off's, sad night to be a Bruins fan. 
Now it is time to cheer for the New York Rangers :) 

Church begins early to set up as we do not have building so we use a community centre. 
After morning service we were all getting ready to leave when hubby came back in side to get our pastor, one of the older guys was feeling confused, thankfully our nurse was there  and she jumped right into action, come to find out he was having a stroke, we took him to the hospital, they admitted him and running some further tests. 
Once my nurse friend was done, she met us at swiss chalet for lunch, it was so good. for dessert I had their fudge cake, I have never tasted anything so good. I love desserts..... so much, even to much 
( i did not get this weight by eating healthy)
Brooke wanted to buy a birthday present for her sunday school/youth leader, she is turning 30, so we bought her 30 items for her 30th birthday. 

Sunday night service brought a wonderful surprise- a old friend came to speak and brought his wife and family, it was so nice to see her. 

Now a new week is about to begin :) 
Have the best week <3 


  1. you too - sounds like you had a very busy weekend! :D

  2. Thanks for this glimpse into your life!

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