Wife Talk- Initiate more

It’s very important to your husband that you initiate sex as well him. Here’s why: 
1. YOUR HUSBAND DOESN’T KNOW WHEN YOU’RE IN THE MOOD. Most likely, if he’s breathing, he’s in the mood … but that’s not the case for most women. When you let him know that you are in the mood, you take advantage of the situation and timing. 
2. IT MAKES HIM FEEL DESIRED. When it’s the husband who’s constantly initiating, it takes a toll on his self-confidence and ego. He wonders, “Does she really want me?” It is important to your husband to know that you want him as well. 
3. YOUR HUSBAND LOVES IT. Men don't want to be married to a woman that simply complies with sex or sees it as a chore. They want to be married to someone who will also initiate it … be involved and enjoy it as well. Don’t just be a willing participant … get involved. 
Want to put some sizzle back in your sex life? If so, then we want to encourage you to initiate more sex in your marriage.

Taken and used with permission from Trey and Lea's Stronger Marriage

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