Weekend Recap/Ladies Retreat Edition

my day off 
I slept in a little, cleaned the house thru and did a lot of laundry, it felt good to have such a clean house, I also cooked dinner. My house has been neglected because it has been so busy around here. 
Then it was time for the day I was looking forward to for a while that I almost missed the registration day for... 

it was time for Ladies Retreat. The theme this year was so bright and beautiful 

My pastors wife always decorates and she always does a great job, we had such  great time, the speaker was amazing, she is from World Network of Prayer 
She challenged us for sure
We went out to eat after service friday night, it was fun to meet some new friends, we laughed a lot and ate some delicious Chinese food. 

Iw as running on 4 hours of sleep, I could not sleep friday night, I was up at 6 am on Saturday morning to go for breakfast for 7:!5, we had a great breakfast, then we had a morning session with Madonna Massey, she is incredible. 

There was lots of shopping, lots of games and prizes
This was so much fun, there were about 100 balloons/balls and the person who had them at the end won a prize, it was fun. 
My pictures are all too dark, I should have taken my camera but just had my phone
One of the games was to compliment our pastors wife and who ever had the most compliments won a night stay at a nice hotel here, my pastors wife won, we were all pretty happy as it is her last year here. 
Cynara( Pastors wife) and Danielle 

Cynara and Ginnie 

Cynara and Amy 

Cynara and Jessica 
The Ladies ministry team all got beautiful umbrellas with their monogram on it, they were beautiful 

I was so excited to run into this beautiful lady- she used to babysit me from the time I was a few weeks/months old until I was old enough to babysit for her, then her daughter lived with us while she was in University, It was so amazing to see a face from home. 
I didn't go to church sunday morning, I was so exhausted and just plain tired out. my secret sister spoiled me again

Have a great week, we have another busy week, Brooke has her music and drama festival this week and we are going to be running around a lot for that


  1. A ladies retreat sounds like so much fun! I would love this!

  2. Sounds like such a great weekend! You got a ton accomplishes and got to go to a wonderful retreat! Awesome!

  3. Pink is your color! Love how active you are in your community and hope that you have a beautiful week!


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