Music Festival / Drama Festival

Brooke was in her first ever solo music festival this weekend and she was so beautiful and did amazing 
Day 1: 
Today's theme was: Music Theatre- She did "Think of me" from Phantom of the Opera 
 Daddy and his girl 

Mommy and her girl

My gorgeous girl 

Day 2- Folk Theme- She sang Shannondoah- I was without my phone so no pictures :( 

Day 3: French theme - she sang a beautiful song in french- the adjudicator loved her selections, she did not win this year but I know it was the best experience for her 

Brooke and Jurian- her accompanist 


Drama Festival- 
Her class mates and others ( 102 kids all together) performed Tempest 

Brooke is in the front row with leaf headband 

Brooke is the third from the left 

My girl in all her beauty 

It has been a busy weekend so far- next week there are 3 days of drama festival and then her band festival 
Busy, Busy but i love it 

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