16 Things That Will Immediately Help Your Marriage...

1. Free yourself from negative people.
2. Show kindness and respect.
3. Encourage your spouse and cheer for them. 
4. Forgive and move forward.
5. Do little things every day for one another.
6. Be loyal.
7. Keep your promises and tell the truth.
8. Give.
9. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
10. Listen more.
11. Talk less.
12. Don't sweat the small stuff.
13. Touch.
14. Make your marriage your #1 earthly relationship.
15. Praise publicly and privately.
16. Don't spend more than you make.


  1. not just marriage - those tips would help everybody!

  2. #1 is so important! And an important constant reminder. Sometimes I need to image myself in a bubble of protection. Great post.

  3. I like number 1 and number 5. These are all awesome tips Terri!

  4. Agree with Andi...everyone should follow those tips.


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