Weekend Recap

I had a meeting at 11 am, I was going to go in town when hubby and Brooke left for school but I needed the extra sleep so I went in around 10 :30, then went to my friends to visit after while waiting for my 4 pm meeting 
While at my friends house, this happened

I later went out with Cristie to Canons cross Pub- we ate so much food, did some shopping, I bought these:
I have been looking for some blue shoes and I found them. 
Cristie and I laugh so much when we are together. 

The normal saturday stuff: 
groceries, the mall, walmart, Mcdonalds 
We also went to the Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery  
I am not a fan of art but my family enjoys it so I went along and it was a fun family thing to do. There is no cell service in there which makes me even more fun- sometimes we just need to go of the grid and enjoy your self without technology. 
I had my usual saturday nap but i got so sick and spent a while in a fetal position, when I did start to feel better...
i made Andrew a ice cream sandwich birthday cake 
we had nachos and wings and watched hockey. 

Brooke wasn't feeling well sunday morning so we stayed home( her and I)
We had a BBQ dinner for hubby's 34th Birthday. 
We had some friends over and it was a great day. 
I love every day to celebrate him and his wonderfulness. 

Have a great week 


  1. GORGEOUS shoes!! Are they comfy--dare I even ask! LOL. And yum--the ice cream cake sounds great.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend, apart from not feeling good. Love the shoes.

  3. Oooooo sounds like y'all had a fantastic weekend!!! I could totally go for some nachos & wings right now ;-)


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