Things you should NEVER SAY

Things you should NEVER SAY to your spouse.

1. You’re stupid. You're a jerk. You’re an idiot.
2. You always or You never
3. It’s your fault that... 
4. Maybe we should just get a divorce.
5. I never loved you.
6. Marrying you was a mistake, we are wrong for each other.
7. Well, so-and-so's husband/wife ________________. [Fill in the blank with whatever it is you're trying to shame your spouse into doing/being/giving you].
8. My mother was right about you.
9. I told you so.
10. You never think about anyone but you.


  1. This is such a great list. I have been guilty of saying some of these things, and have had some of them said to me - it's so damaging both ways.

  2. not say them to a spouse - or to anyone else for that matter


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