Life Update

It seems it has been some time since I did a life update, I use this blog as a journal and I want to remember those special moments.


  •  I am still only working 2 days a week, I may take on a part time job at the mall if I can find one, I need maybe 3 days a week to give me some extra money to save for travel etc. 
  • I do love my job so very much though, i cannot wait til it goes 5 days a week, not sure what that will be. 
  • I have had 2 bladder flare ups in 2 months, something is working and for that I am so thankful. 
  • I am keeping busy with church stuff, planning the farewell party for our pastor and his family which will be an open house type on June 6th, plus scheduling etc. 
  • We have found a new family dr. and she is so so sweet. We were without one for 3 years and now this is a true blessing 
  • I have made a new friend and we are developing the relationship of a best friend and I love it, I miss my best friend back home but it seems she is forgetting about me so as hard as it is, I have to let it go. 
  • Will be 12 in July- how is that ever possible, wasn't she just a baby?
  • Going to Youth Convention this weekend with the young ladies from our church and as much as we will miss her, she is going to have so much fun 
  • They came in 3rd place in the drama festival which I know made her happy, she worked so hard on it. 
  • Came in 4th place at the music festival 
  • Band Festival they got silver, so incredibly proud of my girl and all her hard work. 
  • They just extended his contract until next March, he wasn't to sure if he was going to accept it as he wants a new project but he did after all. 
  • He works so hard for his family - we are so blessed


  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I enjoyed reading each of the updates. Brooke is involved in so many great activities!

  2. Wow, your daughter has a lot going on! It's going to be hard for me to dedicate so much extra for my kid's activities as they get older...I'm too used to having my own personal ME time, lol!


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