Book Review- Undone

Each of us face times of incredible difficulties with our lives— we have all been there, it is hard times, but what do you do when you are faced with repeated bouts of cancer, then babies when your babies are grown. As a reader, you plunge into these challenges of cancer and growing family in speaker and author Michele Cushatt's well-crafted memoir. I found the writing compelling and page-turning. As Cushatt searches for answers, the reader also gains insight and answers.

I loved what Michele writes toward the end of her book, "I wouldn't make promises that I couldn't keep. The irony? Cancer taught me this. Eight months before, she (Princess) arrived, an unexpected diagnosis forced me to ace the undoneness of life. Not an easy revelation when life hangs in the balance. But in my wrestling for peace, I'd found a peace that transcends control, that runs deeper and stronger than any assurances or answers. The presence of a God who would see me through." (page 231)

I was gifted this book in exchange for my review.

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