Husbands, your wives need you to ...

1. GIVE UNEXPECTED SURPRISES. Your wife loves unexpected surprises you give them. An occasional unexpected small gift, her favorite candy bar, flowers, come home from work early for some quality time or surprise her with a romantic night out. Consider some weekend morning greeting her with breakfast in bed when she wakes up or fix her favorite meal and clean up after yourself. Unexpected surprises aren't just for Valentine's Day ... do them all the time.

2. ARRANGE THINGS WELL. If you take your wife out (and you should do this regularly), you make all the plans. Get reservations at a restaurant she likes, you line out the babysitter and then tell her what time to be ready.

3. DO THE LITTLE THINGS. Women love it when their husbands take time to do the little things. Like giving her your full attention when she's talking about work, the kids or anything else going on in her life. Make her, and what she's got to say, more important than your phone, a ballgame or anything else. Give her quality time.

4. TAKE AN INTEREST IN HER INTERESTS. Try to find out the thing that your wife always loves to do and agree to do it together on a weekend. AND IF YOU DO, try to honestly enjoy it without complaining.

Wives, your husband needs you to ...

1. PRAISE HIM … both privately and publicly. Your husband LOVES to be bragged on, and if you can’t find something to brag on him about, you’re not looking hard enough. You should be your husband’s biggest fan … and let him know it. Lea is my biggest cheerleader. I love it when she tells me I look nice, that I’m a good dad or after 26 years I still turn her on. Husbands are motivated by your praise. While we’re on the subject, NEVER belittle or criticize your husband in public or to your girlfriends.

2.MOST LIKELY YOUR HUSBANDS NUMBER ONE NEED IS SEXUAL FULLFILLMENT- Fulfilling his needs should never come across as a chore, but as a priority. A healthy sex life in a marriage is characteristic of a strong healthy marriage. Married sex should be the best sex, because it includes commitment and intimacy. We laugh when we hear of people calling recipes, “Better than Sex Cake,” and “Better than Sex Brownies,” obviously people who keep describing things as “better than sex” are having the wrong kind of sex. Make your love life sizzle. If you need to try something new in order to fulfil this, why not discuss looking online together at something to entertain you both. Cam sites can be a bit of harmless fun if you're both looking into it, to make sure you have a healthy experience finding a legitimate site by reading a cam soda full review is the best way to go.

3. TAKE AN INTEREST IN SOMETIME HE LIKES TO DO - Educate yourself on your husband’s hobbies so you can talk about things he likes to talk about. If your husband likes to fish, hunt, golf, work on cars, etc. … learn to take interest in those things. Be your husband’s best friend and spend time doing things he likes to do. Lea has learned to love baseball, talk running and take interest in things that I find interesting. Some of the best memories you can make together are when you’re spending time together doing things he loves to do.

4. DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH – Don’t expect your husband to read your mind or to know what’s wrong with you or what you want. Ladies, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times, you CANNOT connect the dots close enough for your husband to catch on to what you are thinking. Just spell it out. Dropping hints or just expecting your husband to know what your thinking will only lead to MORE frustration. Simply tell him what’s on your mind.

MARRIAGE CHALLENGE ... ask your spouse to pick two that they'd like you to improve on.


  1. This is so true. Relationships take effort on both sides and not just one. It's a give and take kind of thing.

  2. Some very good advice! Relationships are 50/50

  3. Very beautiful advices for husbands and wives! It is important to keep the romance alive and be kind to your partners. :) Love this article!

  4. some really a good advice for wife. effort is the most important things to grow their relationships.

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