Date Night Idea Week 3

Play board games either at home or out at a game cafe- we have them here, you go in and pay $5 for the day, stay as long as you want and hang out with your best friend and make it a great date night while you play games that you both like, or try one that the other spouse enjoys- for example: my hubby loves Settlers of Catan but I really don't care for it, but I would play with him and I would enjoy it because I love to spend time with him. 


  1. I LOVE board games!! I love the idea of a cafe that lets you rent them...that's a cool idea!! My husband and I used to play backgammon for hours back in the day (before kids and more responsibilities started taking up 90% of our time, lol!)

  2. When we first got married we always played board games. Love it.

  3. That's a really cute date night idea. My husband and I like playing board games together.


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