Weekend Recap


I worked from 8 am to 7 pm, I missed one day this week so I wanted to get caught up and get ahead for the start of the week. 

My sister had her surgery at 1:00 pm, she had some wonky issues going on ( which for her privacy, i won’t go into details here), the surgery was successful and she is going to be ok. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. 

After work hubby picked me up and then we went to get Brooke- she was hanging out with the youth leader from church getting things ready for a new youth group year. 

We went to Pizza Delight for some yummy pizza, I have been craving it for a while so we finally went and got some, we got the BBQ chicken pizza and oh my, it was so delicious. 

After dinner, I facetime’d my sister , she was very tired but it was so good to talk to her. 
I then started watching “The Fosters”- I really like it so far. 

I am so excited for tomorrow… 

We got up early to get some groceries before my company arrived. 13 years ago when we got married I was friends with a probation officer, she was my maid of honour.. I had dinner with her last Summer as we now live much closer- she called me up on Wednesday and said she wanted to come visit for this long weekend. 
KAREN came to visit me…. Here are some pictures.. 

Karen in front her University where she graduated 

In front of the University again 

Our Tradiitonal once a year picture 

except we took a couple 

Jess, Karen and I 

Karen was one of the first people that knew I was pregnant, last summer she got to meet Brooke for the first time. 
We had such a great day together, we went shopping, went to her the University that she graduated from, she has lived so far away that this was the first time she got to go back, it was my first time to be there as well.

We had dinner here at home, we grilled.. then she went downtown to get some drinks with a friend... My heart feels so rich after seeing her, we have so many wonderful memories together.

It was the normal Sunday around here with church, nap in between and then the evening service. We went to Harvey's after service for burgers and to close out summer time.
Tomorrow is a holiday and Brooke goes to grade 7 on Tuesday, eeekkkkk.

Have a great week 


  1. Hope your sister gets better and better it's lovely to see that you still keep in touch with old friends those who bring joy to our lives should be treasure

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend...I spent most of the weekend running errands and get ready for back to school!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend with an old, dear friend. I love those friendships where you can just pick up where you left off no matter how long it has been.


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