Weekend Recap


I was so distracted and tired at work, I could barely function, the 4 of us who work in the office, all felt the same way, we all sat around and talked, and barely worked, oh well we got thru the day.  
Hubby and Brooke picked me up from work and hubby and got me a cupcake, he knew I was dragging all day and he wanted to give me something to cheer me up, it was so good. 

We then went to the mall, I wanted some Thai food but settled for this soup, it was so delicious. 

I wanted to go buy my new phone, but I have no idea what I want, I think I may be done with Apple, I have had so many issues with this phone but the new iPhone 6 is so pretty, who knows what I may do. 

We came home and tidied the kitchen- my house has been so neglected. I think I need to take a day of soon and do a deep clean, wanna come help ;) 

I went to bed early, I have been exhausted. 


We hung around home for most of the day, then I went in town to take the car to the garage so they could re-torked the tires from last week’s tire replacement ($600 later, ugg).  Then we went in town and got some lunch food, I also needed some new tupperware so once i got home I organized that and then I felt sick, I was so tired, I think its because of the crazy busy week and not sleeping. Brooke had a friend over to hang out, they had a great time. 

We had a corn boil at church in the evening, it was a lot of fun. So much corn and fun. 

had morning service, after service Moses came over for a chicken dinner, which was super late because I forgot to turn the oven on higher, it was worth the wait though. 
After evening service we went to Wendy's for chilli cheese fries. 
Tomorrow begins a new work week and it is already crazy busy by the looks of it. 
Brooke had a mini photo shoot, here are a couple from the day


  1. Fun weekend! So what a exactly is a corn boil?

    1. You actually boil corn outside on a big broiler, its so fun

  2. Looks like you had a super busy weekend! Love the pictures :)

  3. I hope you get to take a breather this week. I love Wendy's chili & fri's, I haven't had that in so long. I know what's for lunch tomorrow, hah. I'm loving her photo's, she's a gorgeous girl. Good luck tackling Monday!

  4. I love thai food...except I can't handle the heat, lol! And that little cupcake looks delish!

  5. Your daughter is becoming quite the young lady! And your husband bringing you a cupcake is the sweetest thing ever!

  6. Ive never hard a corn boil, but we have had a craw fish boil, it is fun stuff to be able to enjoy time with family. That cupcake looks pretty good, it is all about the little things :D

  7. Wow you have been busy! Never heard of a corn boil- but it sounds like fun!


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