Freshening up the home before vacation

You’ve booked your vacation and the last payment has been made. You’ve finally got it together and packed the suitcases for the time off ahead. The last thing you have to do is prepare your house. A lot of people go away on vacation and don’t look back, but there truly is nothing worse than coming home to a mess that you have to fix up!
There’s enough laundry to get on with once you’ve finished your vacation days, with a suitcase full of dirty clothing to manage and a car to clear out of fast food wrappings. Having to vacuum and mop the house as well as change the beds is just a big no-no. So, you should work on getting your home ready for your return before you have even left. We’ve put together a list of the things you need to get done around the house so that you can come home and relax after your time off with the family.
Carpets. If you have the time and the budget, shampooing the carpets across the whole house is going to make your home fresh and clean for when you return. Invest in a good steam mop like this one for hardwood or lino flooring and give your floors the deep clean they’ve been desperate for!
Beds. Airing the mattresses is so important while you’re away, so strip back the sheets and get them put away. Add a bed bug treatment to all the mattresses in the home, as this can ensure that you have not only prevented any nasties, but keeps them fresh. Launder all the sheets and duvets to go back onto the bed the day you return home.
Oven. Most people don’t do a deep clean of the oven all that often and just keep on top of regular spills. Use a product like this the day before you go away so that you come home to a freshly cleaned oven that’s as good as new.
Lawn. Your back and front lawns will need a cut down and good lawn feed before you go away. There’s no need to come home to unruly grass growth and weeds, so get all that treated before you go and you’ll have a beautiful lawn area to return to.
Window Treatments. If you have curtains or blinds, now is the time to get them dry cleaned and wiped. Dusty blinds are often overlooked during the usual household chores and by getting them freshly cleaned before you go away, you are ensuring that you aren’t dealing with an inch of dust when you come home.
Laundry. If you have a family, you know how annoying it can be to never see the bottom of the washing basket! Get every stitch of washing and ironing complete and you can relax while away!
A vacation is all about being relaxed, but if you are having to come home to an unruly house full of dust, it’s going to be far harder to let go and chill out!

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