Is the Air Quality in Your Home Getting You Down?

Air pollution is something that most people think lays outside. They think things like smog, car pollution and smoke from cigarettes is what causes air pollution. They might have such a strong opinion on it in fact, that they actively try to avoid taking their children outside unless absolutely necessary. Instead, they keep their children at home or only take them out to the park and to the garden.

The truth is, air pollution can be anywhere and buildings are often more polluted than the outside. This is because there are many things in your home that can cause air pollution, and if you lock up your home and keep these pollutants in, then you’re going to reduce the quality of air in your home and ultimately make it worse.

This can lead to asthma development in children, allergies or even other respiratory issues. If you want to avoid this, then here are a couple of ways to clear the air around you.

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Dehumidify the Air

One of the quickest ways to bump up the quality of air in your home is to dehumidify it. Take a look at http://www.dehumidifierweb.com/ and choose a suitable dehumidifier for your budget and the size of your home. These devices will help reduce the humidity in the air, thus reducing the growth of things like mould or mildew and it lowers the amount of dust mites in your home.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows is a quick way to get some ventilation. If you regularly smoke, use sprays or toxic cleaning products in your home, then those fumes are going to get trapped indoors and could cause adverse health effects on those that live with you. Make sure you ventilate your rooms properly by keeping the windows open when possible. Let the bad air out and let some fresh air in to keep things smelling nice and to keep the quality of air high. This is especially important if you have a party because all of the smells, odours and dust need to be cleansed from your home after having several guests in.

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Clean the Floors

Floors can accumulate lots of allergens, chemicals and all kinds of dust. Depending on the type of floor you have, you’re going to need different types of cleaning products and equipment in order to get the job done. Take a look at https://www.realsimple.com/ for some quick tips on how to clean different types of flooring and what tools to use for the job.

Stop Using Fresheners

Fragrances might smell nice, but they’re ultimately no good for the quality of air in your home. Try to use as few sprays as possible. This means using rollers instead of spray deodorants and mild or natural cleaners that don’t have fragrances or harmful chemicals. If your home smells funky without them, then try and locate the source of the harmful chemicals. Use natural smells from plants if you want to give your home a little boost—don’t try to do it artificially.

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