Hello Lovelies,

I am sorry for the lack of heart felt post lately, it has been a lot of reviews and guest posting.
I have had some health problems going on so I am not up to writing because it pretty much takes all of my energy to get a full day of work in + drs apt etc. I am tired of this whole disease

I am not giving up on the blog just yet so forgive me if my post are few and far between


  1. May God heal you and give you strength

  2. I pray that God is with you and brings you comfort even in the midst of your pain!

  3. Hi Terri, new here but praying for you and improved health. God is good in all things, even through the not so good things, trust me, I know.

  4. Lord, please bring healing to Terri's body! You are the Great Healer and are able to do all things. May You be glorified in Terri's life. Give her strength to get though each day. Amen

  5. God, you are our healer. You are the drafter of the blueprint of our body. You are the master creator and God of all. I ask that you help her to renew her strength, that you speak to her body, and that her life becomes an even greater testimony than it already is of your grace and mercy.

  6. I do hope you get a break soon!! I know how very challenging health concerns can be!!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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