How to throw the best Halloween Party ever

How to Throw the Best Halloween Party Ever

Yes, I know it’s not even October yet, and Halloween is still far away, but I really, really look forward
to it! I’ve been thinking about this year’s Halloween party since last year, and I couldn’t wait for
September because that would mean that my favorite holiday is near. Being a party-enthusiast
myself, I take pride in my parties, and I always do my best to make sure that everything is perfect
and that everyone’s having a good time.

Decorations are easy! All you need is orange, black, and white details and some imagination. Cut out
small bats out of black paper and tape them to the walls so it looks like they are circling your dining
room table or like they’ve just escaped your kitchen. You can also make huge spider webs out of
regular trash bags, and cut egg cartons in two and paint them black so they look like small ghosts.

Dress code
No party is complete without Halloween costumes. I’ve been to a couple of Halloween parties where
people showed up without costumes, but it wasn’t fun or exciting for me. That’s just a regular party
you can throw every other Saturday. My friends and I love dressing, so all my Halloween parties have
a dress code: you have to wear a costume! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, although I love seeing
someone put a lot of time and effort into it. Some face paint, ripped black clothes, bandages, or a
plastic mask and voila – you are ready for Halloween!

Whenever I’m throwing a party, I want it to go with a bang! Regular party anthems are welcome, but
this is not the night for your regular pop hits. There is no way you can forget to include Michael
Jackson’s Thriller, and the Ghostbusters theme music. I personally like Nick Cave because his music
somehow fits the mood, and I like to include songs with fitting titles, such as Talking Heads’ Psycho
Killer and Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s Black Widow. If you have a hard time deciding, you can always ask Google for help.

Halloween food

Last year, a good friend of mine who lives in England threw a Halloween party with the best food I 've ever tasted in my life! She hired a personal chef from London who managed the food and made sure that everything looked creepy but tasted heavenly! Some of us can’t afford a personal chef, so I
recommend making your own food and decorating it so that it fits the mood. Simple hot dogs with
ketchup can be made to look like fingers, and you can also make deviled eggs with some green food
dye so that it looks ‘rotten’. Bonus points: if you cut out a black olive, you can make it look like a
spider, which makes a spooky yet delicious decoration.

Spooky drinks

Drinks are important at every party, and Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with old drinks
and make them better. The simplest trick in the book: add activated charcoal to your lemonade to
make it look like the black drink of demons and witches. What is more, activated charcoal is great for
removing toxins from your body and it does wonders for your hangover. Mix some red food dye with
sugar, and dip glasses in it to get the sweet, red rim. Fill the glasses with sangria and serve the drink
as the ‘walking dead cocktail’. Or if you are a Potterhead like me, stir up a Sleepy Hollow cocktail.
Just because you’re too old to go trick-or-treating with the kids from your neighborhood (I still
want to join them every year), it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun for Halloween with the rest of
your grown-up friends. Throw the best party that will remind all of you what it’s like to be a kid and
enjoy the spooky atmosphere.

Thanks to  my friend for this guest post.

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