Upgrade Your Kitchen For Less Than $1,000

Fall is here, and it’s finally time for households to embrace the new season and get ready to welcome the colder months of the year. But before you get your Christmas decorations out, there’s still plenty of time to give your home sweet home a new look for winter. You do need to change the feel of your home interior regularly to keep it attractive, elegant and functional! So why not start today with the most important room in your home: The kitchen, the place where all the sweet pies and family dinners start? It’s by far the room in a house that is used the most often, and that shows signs of tear and wear the soonest. So it’s probably time for a revamp that should give it a good spruce up! But, you’re in for a treat: You can renovate your kitchen’s look for less than $1,000. Does that sound like a good project idea? Let’s get started!

Space saving practicality
It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is. The truth is: All kitchens get crammed with stuff that you probably don’t even need. From too many mugs – mugs are a favorite last-minute present for birthdays and Christmas, so if you’ve got 5 different best mum mugs, you know that your kids were running out of ideas – to extra large kitchen bins, it can be difficult to keep the room tidy. It’s time for a clear out; the kitchen will feel spacious once you’re done. Start by installing a space saver garbage disposal in your sink as these are great to deal with food leftovers and organic waste in a few seconds. Then declutter your kitchenware cupboards – yes, that means getting rid of most items in your mug collection. You’ll notice the difference immediately: A tidy kitchen feels big and roomy.

Upgrade your cooking gadgets
A kitchen stove and a new fridge don’t come for free. But smart kitchen gadgets – while they are not free either – are a lot more affordable in comparison. You know how it is: The blender is so old it barely blends, the toaster burns the bread and your cookware has seen better days. Changing little things for brand new gadgets can give a modern vibe to your kitchen. From a colorful stand mixer to a new set of cookware, you don’t need to spend much to upgrade your kitchen’s look easily and durably.

Give your kitchen a new feel
Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to revive the spirit of the kitchen. You can find kitchen-friendly paints that are non-stainable and washable in all good DIY shops, and you can finally leave the Magnolia color scheme behind you for something exciting and full of energy! Red kitchens stimulate the appetite and make you feel warm. If red is a little too vibrant, try a Mediterranean orange shade instead. For a ray of sunshine, paint it yellow as it makes people feel calm and happy. It’s also a good choice to vitalize a small room.

With a little attention to details, you can give your kitchen a second life without breaking the bank. All it takes is smart space saving solutions, new kitchen gadgets and a fresh coat of paint.

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