3 types of shoes all moms need

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Being a mom is full on and sometimes the day just rushes straight by and before you know it, you are lifting your poor sore feet into bed again. It might sound silly, but for Mom’s the right pair of shoes can mean the difference between getting everything done and hobbling around with blisters for the next few days.

As more and more is put onto women - especially single, working moms! - our shoes really do need to keep up with us. Women’s shoes don’t have to be high heeled sparkly numbers destined for the catwalk; practicality should also be considered. So, with that in mind, here are the 3 pairs of shoes you really should own.

Comfy Runarounds

Having a pair of shoes you can shove on and go is possibly one of the best mom life hacks there can be. Since kids are so unpredictable, what you can predict is that if you need to get somewhere and fast, you will need the right shoes. All moms have these shoes. Even those moms who look like they’ve just stepped out of the perfect 50’s.

Slip on shoes like canvas pumps might not look the best, but they will certainly stay on your feet while you sort stuff out. Think of these shoes as the foundation of your collection: the ones you wear every day that get the job done!

Practical and Pretty

There should be no reason that you can’t have some flat, practical shoes that look gorgeous and to be honest, why would you stop at just one pair? This kind of shoe is ideal for going to work as well as going shopping but won’t do any damage to your feet. You might also include boots in this category since they are perfect for winter walks and avoiding wet feet in the rain.

Finding practical and pretty shoes often depends on the season but luckily Spring/ Summer 2018 has some rather lovely ballerinas to choose from. It’s time to stock up, ladies! Get a wide range of different colors and patterns to make your wardrobe more fun and give you plenty of options to play with.

Going Out Late Heels

Every woman has to have that perfect pair of shoes that need at least a day or two recovery after every wear. These are the shoes that remind us of the times when we were carefree teens rocking the town without a care in the world. And frankly, we should still be allowed that kind of fun, even if we do make use of a few little hacks to make our heels more comfortable!

Going out with the girls or having a date night with your partner is one of the best ways to remember that you aren’t just a mom, you are a woman too. And having some shoes that make you feel fabulous is absolutely your prerogative. Throw on your favourite dress, spend an hour doing and redoing your hair and makeup like you used to and let your babysitter do the hard work.

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