Things You Need to Do Before You Move into Your New House

Organization is a key thing behind every successful moving. If you start your preparations in time and set up priorities based on the workload each session will require of you, it can be a smooth sailing experience. Otherwise, you are facing total anarchy. If you are not the type that knows how to efficiently self-organize, read on to find out what are some basic but useful things you need to know before you move into your new house.
Switching utilities
Once the deal is settled and you have a concrete closing date, time is of the essence when it comes to switching utilities. The first thing you should do is contact the utility companies in order to organize a fast and efficient service switch. If you are moving into a completely new household or a home that was vacant for quite a while, doing this at least a month before the big move is crucial.

A matter of internet connection
Here is another important tidbit you need to take care of if you plan to enter a fully functional household. Some people equate this to other utilities such as telephone, heating, etc., but we are all aware of the fact that the internet has turned into a whole different beast you need to tackle. As you may well know, internet service providers are like superstars – it is hard to reach their technicians and it’s nigh impossible to get them to come to your household. Most of the time, they can be booked at least three weeks in advance, so you need to start making those calls roughly at the same time as you are organizing the utility switch. Otherwise, you might move into a new household that has no internet, which will introduce you to a whole lot of frustration and trouble.

Start with the things you’ll easily part from
Moving your stuff is a gargantuan endeavor that needs to be broken down into segments. First you need to start off with the things you’ll easily part from. Even if you are the neatest person in the world, after several years of living in one household, you will end up hoarding a lot of stuff you don’t need. You can pillage your household of all the useless trash you have tucked away in the darkest corners of your rooms and contact the most efficient company for rubbish removal in Sydney to take care of the heavy lifting for you.

And then don’t stop packing
After you have hired moving trucks and settled on the date, you need to continue packing every single day. If all the boxes begin to get in the way, designate a room for all the moving stuff. Pack your closet last, and a day before the moving truck comes, use your own vehicle(s) to transport the basics into your new home. If you unpacked some essential and crucial items in advance like pajamas, jackets, toothbrushes, hair brushes, soaps and shampoos, it will be easier to start functioning in your new home even though it will become packed with unopened boxes and unwrapped furniture.
Details people tend to forget about

Do not forget to top it all off with handling some crucial details people tend to forget about during the whole ruckus. Cancel your subscriptions to magazines, newspaper and all other home delivery services. Change your address and leave the new one (including your new phone number) along with an email to your closest neighbors and your landlord in case something arrives anyway. Update your friends and family with your new contact information. Finally, do not forget to check your household once more for possibly overlooked switches and other electricity-related stuff that can end up causing a hefty bill, or worse – a permanent damage to the house (such as fires).
Picture this – shabby cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling, cupboards and shelves piled into corners to leave at least some elbow space for moving around and a whole lot of headache due to unorganized drawers. This is what awaits you if you keep procrastinating on those packing sessions, weekend after weekend. The key to good organization is discipline. Apply your worth ethic to your moving clean-up and the entire ordeal will be over before you know it.

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