Mixing metals in decor

One of the top predicted trends for 2018, mixing metals is a home decor style to keep your eye on. While it was once considered unstylish to mix gold and silver with jewelry, mixing different metal hues in decor is not only acceptable, but totally stylish. However, deciding what metals to mix in your decor can be daunting. Whether you're decorating your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, you may already have fixtures in your house that dictate what metal styles you can use.

Luckily, the great part about mixing metals is that you can do it gradually without your home looking like it's half decorated. Using these tips on mixing metals you can start simple, like by adding an accent piece of decor to your home. Or, if you already have one dominant metal-hue you've been using in your home, you can follow the advice on how many metals to mix at most (2-3) and how to best balance cool-hued and warm-hued metals.

Or, if you're not feeling as bold, consider decorating your home with mirrors for a fun start that uses the same reflective style but doesn't commit fully to mixing different metals. You can also start out by spacing your metals far apart so things don't look cluttered in one space, or use different metal finishes if you aren't ready to mix two different hues. For instance, you can combine a hammered gold metal with a polished gold metal to make it look like you're mixing up different hues, but really are experimenting with different finishes to get the same effect. It's a lower risk way to approach mixing metals, but still adds the depth to your room that you're looking for in this interior design style.

Another helpful feature of this guide is that not only are there tons of tips on how to mix metals, but an explanation on different metal types and how to mix different colors, so that when you're mixing 2-3 different metals like copper, gold, and silver, you'll be sure to keep things balanced!  Warm metals include brass, copper, and gold, while cool metals are aluminum, stainless steel, and other silver-colored metals. Cast iron and black metals go with anything, so feel free to get creative if your kitchen drawer handles or light fixtures use these neutral colored metals. Otherwise, focus on choosing a dominant metal that is warm or cool, then complimenting it with accent pieces of the opposite shade. So, having a dominant stainless steel appliance with a gold light fixture and door knob, for instance!

As you can see, there are tons of ways to play with mixed metals in your home decor. Once you grasp these eight tips, you can easily begin mixing and matching as you see fit without overpowering the rest of your room for a chic and classic style!

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