Only drinking your coffee, you're doing it wrong

For many of us, coffee is a delicious hot drink that helps us wake up each morning. It’s become so popular that coffee culture is a big part of city living, and you’ll see a vast number of independent coffee shops and roasters in many cities and towns around the world. It’s fair to say that coffee is a huge business right now!

But how are you using yours? Do you just enjoy a morning cup of Joe to help you get going every day? Well, if you are only drinking your coffee, you are doing it wrong. There are actually a lot more uses of the ground beans around the house. Sure, you can brew it to make a delicious drink, but you might want to consider all of these great coffee hacks.

Freshen Up Your Fridge

Coffee can really help you remove any bad odors from your fridge. Does something smell a bit funky in yours? No worries! Simply leave a small pot of ground coffee beans in the fridge for a couple of days. The grounds will absorb any fragrances from the air in the fridge. Instead of a bad smell whenever you open the fridge, you will smell the fresh coffee!

Use It As A Fertilizer

You can also use your coffee outside in your garden. All you need to do is sprinkle it on top of the soil surrounding your plants and flowers. All of the nutrients from the grounds will absorb into the soil and can be used as the plants as fertilizer. It can also help to repel certain garden pests too!

Shine Your Hair

If your hair looking a bit dull and lifeless right now? There’s a way around that. According to one of the blog posts on Wise Owl Remedies, you just need to use some coffee! You just need to make two cups of coffee and wait until they have slightly cooled down. Then pour it through your hair before you shower. Leave it in for about twenty minutes and then wash it out. When your hair dries, it will look super shiny!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Your hair isn't the only part of the body that can benefit from coffee; your skin will as well! That’s because the grounds are great exfoliators. Mix together two teaspoons of coffee grounds and a teaspoon of olive oil. Rub this mix onto your skin and wash it off. Your skin will feel a lot tighter and smoother as the coffee will have removed dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Minimize Cellulite

Exfoliating isn't the only way coffee can benefit your skin. It can also help you get rid of any annoying cellulite. Mix some coconut oil in with the coffee and then rub this onto any problem areas. Massage it into the skin for few minutes before washing off. If you do this on a regular basis, you should notice that your cellulite becomes a lot less visible.

There’s a lot more to coffee than just being a drink!

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