4 Times You Should Spend Money To Save It

Moms are natural thrift masters. Ask them to create a budget and they’ll come up with a color-coded chart which has all the bells and whistles. Their motto is simple: cut back wherever possible. And, moms are always right so it’s fantastic advice.

Or is it?

The problem with saving money is that it encourages you not to spend. The logic is obvious, yet it’s not one-hundred percent correct because sometimes it saves to spend. As far-fetched as it will sound to most mothers, it is the truth. Here is a selection of situations to help you get your head around the bombshell.

High Cost = Long-Term Savings

There aren’t many times when an initial upfront payment saves you money in the long-term. However, they do exist and they can cost the family a fortune if you miss the opportunity. Think about your car. It’s running smoothly and there is nothing wrong at the moment so there’s no reason to change. Actually, this is short-sighted when www.auto.loan can collate the latest loan deals and find the cheapest rates. If the purchase will last longer and add value, it’s a no-brainer. Yes, even if the amount at the time is high. After all, you’ll only spend more in the future when the car breaks.

The Bulk-Buying Rule

Bulk-buying is a perfect example of letting the price put you off saving money. Usually, shoppers pay per transaction because it seems like a smart move. Pay for the things you need now and cut back on your outgoings. Sadly, it’s a big error because purchasing them in bulk can reduce the cost per item. Www.wisebread.com has a comprehensive post if you need inspiration. Keep this in mind, though: if it’s essential, it pays to buy in bulk at the lowest possible price.

A Good Samaritan

Helping others doesn’t come naturally. You have to think about the pros and cons and have the courage to act. From a consumerist point of view, it’s not always wise to go with a bargain. Say you have a local store which sells a product you love and the next one is a twenty-mile round trip. The rate at the local store is higher in relative terms, yet it saves you money in fuel. Plus, there is the time and hassle argument to consider. Contributing to the business staying open is an investment for the future. It means the doors remain open and you don’t have to trek out of town and incur additional fees.


Walk into JC Penny and they’ll be a host of clothes on the rack for less than $20. Great because you need a new wardrobe and don’t have money to burn. The problem is that the cost is high relative to the usage. It looks like a bargain now, yet it won’t when it comes apart in the washing machine. The low-quality means it’s sometimes better to pay over the odds now to get your money’s worth in the long-term.

Do you think you can ever spend a large sum of money to save it down the line?

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