5 Tips To Keep Him Interested In You Forever

Men are gentle and loyal creatures. They are fascinated by many things, and a charming, beautiful woman is one of them.
If a man finds a woman worth his attention, they are sure to get his undivided attention, and they let themselves be captivated by the woman.
However, men are also impatient and can grow restless if their senses are not stimulated enough by the woman.
A woman who is nonchalant and does not care about what they do for them is a turnoff for them. That being said, there are ways in which women can subdue this attitude, and show their man that they are worth their time.

Here are 5 ways in which a woman can captivate their man and keep them interested

Men love their food. Men need extra energy to keep going through their busy schedules, and a few delicious extra calories don't hurt, especially when a woman is accompanying them for the food.
Dinner dates are special for men as the idea of a romantic wine and dine with a special woman is extremely appealing to them.
It piques their interest in the woman because a woman who knows the type of food a man likes has a high likelihood of knowing the key to his heart.
This makes him want the girl more, and creates a longing, or an interest in the woman which does not die easily!


All men love getting an occasional surprise or a gift! Men love to be excited or to be momentarily thrilled, and surprises do just that for them.

What men love most as surprises, other than surprise parties, are surprise presents. Men love their solemn T-shirts and a girl who wants to get their man's attention needs to know
An excellent idea for a surprise gift is a custom Printed T-shirt which bears a quote which is dear to his heart, or simply a quirky or witty one-liner.
Men adore such gifts, and the woman who knows this already has an advantage in getting and keeping a man's interest and attention.

It can be a turn off when women let go of all their secrets on the first date. However, if you know how to play your cards right, you can get your man's attention just be how much you reveal about yourself when you meet and talk.
A man loves mysteries, and he loves it if his woman is one. There is nothing left to learn about a woman if she completely opens up to the man after just one date, and is a running tap.
Some information must remain confidential, if only for the sake of building interest and intrigue in the eyes of the man, and hence getting him to want to explore the woman further and delve deeper into her heart.


This point is pretty self-explanatory. A woman must take care of herself and her appearance in order to get a man's interest.
A woman who doesn't groom herself properly and has poor self-maintenance skills is highly unlikely to be able to catch a man's eye. A woman does not have to be naturally beautiful to get a man's attention.
She must be able to wear her looks positively and carry herself with confidence, apart from being well groomed.
Having a natural smile on your face is also extremely attractive for men, and there is immediate interest whenever a man spots a full-fledged smile on a girl.

Communication of thought and emotions is crucial to get a man's interest. A woman who does not know how to communicate, through words or through body language is a turn off for men and they will lose interest rapidly.
Making their views and interests clear and communicating their emotions is crucial for guys to develop an interest in girls and for the longevity of that interest.

Interest and attraction are dependent on the effective projection of thought and emotion, and a woman who has mastery over communication has an edge over the attraction and interest of her man.
A woman must show her man that she is one to treasure, and the man will treat her like one. Men are simple and respond to stimuli.
It is up to the woman to give them those stimuli. Loving comes easy to men, and they will provide all the love and interest if the woman knows how to trigger the right areas of a man's psyche.
By following these 5 ways, women engage with the five areas of a man's psyche which need to be interacted with.

This is the key to unlocking the door to a man's heart and making it yours, keeping him into you for a long, long time coming.

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