We live in a society. 3 tips to do and feel socially good

We all live in a society. When focused on our small considerations, or personal daily duties, it can sometimes be hard to remember this. We all live in large cities, large towns or simply areas populous enough where it would be impossible to know everyone. Even if you try and make an effort to do this with all the free time in the world, the human mind can only remember around 150 personal relationships at an absolute push, past that it can be impossible to manage everyone. This helps us forget about just how many people in the world there are.

Unfortunately, this also sometimes helps us forget about our impact on them and the world, even if we never act maliciously to anyone in any manner at all. This isn’t to say you should be a moral arbiter of planet Earth, or that you should do anything more than try in small ways to contribute to the overall good. It can also be frustrating when you’re trying and you see people who seemingly care little for anyone else. However, with small efforts, you tip the world a little further to Good with a capital G. It will also improve your mood to a significant degree.

Here are some small efforts for you to try:


Upcycling is a method of donating your goods, having them reformatted and resold, and for those proceeds to go to good causes, such as building homes for low-income families. This might sound appealing to you, especially if you have plenty of unwanted belongings otherwise waiting for landfill. Opting for this method via a service such as Habitat for Humanity habitathm.ca can help you achieve some real social good with a simple act - getting rid of clutter.


Volunteering can be of profound benefit to those who need it. This might be reading stories to children at a hospital. It might mean putting on a free class to help people learn photography. It could be helping out with a donation drive, or fundraising for a good cause. Volunteering could even technically fall under the umbrella of completing a sporting event to fundraise for charity, such as running a half marathon or even a full marathon if you’re feeling courageous. Anything you can put your labor towards for the sole purpose of helping people can be considered volunteering, and that will always remain admirable.

A Helping Hand

A helping hand can be a little more useful than you know. It might mean helping your neighbors move all their belongings, or accepting to look after a relatives children while they head out on a much needed evening of dining and a little wining. It could be complimenting someone you admire and letting them know. It might be telling your employees you really appreciate them, and that you would be less without them at your side. A helping hand can come in a million different ways, but as long as you make the day of someone else just that little bit brighter, you have achieved something on that date.

With these little tips, doing and feeling the pleasure of social help can be easier than you might think.

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