Could This Be Your Most Overlooked Garden Asset?

With summer now here, you’ll have probably been getting your garden ready for this social season
by planting flowers, tending to your vegetable patch (if you have one) and all the maintenance
 tasks required to keep your lawn in shape, but there’s one aspect of your garden that is
 often overlooked and under appreciated, meaning it ends up getting less attention than
 it deserves.

See, the importance of your garden lawn could be likened to the living room within your house.  
This is where people will spend most of their time in the summer months, as your lawn will
 likely play host to all the sociable seasonal activities such as hosting barbecues, garden
 parties and even water fights.

In short, your garden lawn is where the majority of the fun stuff will take place in your garden, 
yet it’s all too easy to overlook this common yet integral garden asset.

This article provides a brief overview of the two most essential aspects with regard to caring
 for your lawn, so that you can give back to your lawn this summer and keep it healthy.

Many experts recommend watering first thing in the morning as the sun then has the chance
 to dry the grass out throughout the day, which means there’s less chance of your lawn 
getting waterlogged, which tends to cause disease in the form of rot.  

That said, there’s no need to water each and every morning; in fact it’s much better to water 
deeply and infrequently.  The challenge, however, comes with when you’re away from home - 
as if you live in a particularly hot climate it is imperative your lawn gets a drink at least once every
 few days.  The Smart Future might be a good place to check out with regard to this, as they
 offer such innovations as a wireless sprinkler system that can be controlled from your mobile 
device, wherever you are.

If you have a large garden, you might want to consider using a diesel lawn mower and this can 
make much lighter work of a large space.

Now, when it comes to keeping your lawn trim, it can be tempting to keep your grass short as
 this is what most people desire, but in terms of your lawn’s health tall grass tends to be 
much healthier than short grass.  
Therefore, you’ll want to avoid cutting the grass below two inches 
(5cm) as the ideal length in terms of health is around three inches (7cm).  The trick is to try 
not to remove more than ⅓ of the blade of grass, each time, as trimming any further than this
 can damage your grass.

Also, the optimum time to mow your lawn is when it’s cool and dry; you want to avoid cutting 
the lawn when it’s wet or exposed to the intensity of the sun at its hottest.  Also, be sure to
 leave the grass clippings on the lawn as this is a great way to provide much needed
 fertiliser to your lawn.

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