STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!

  STRESSED spelled   backwards is DESSERTS!

am i alone here?
Rough day- chocolate
Rough night- extra caffeine
Rough Life- desserts/sugar etc.

I eat when I am stressed... Why do we do that?
Then we step on the scales and are like, how did that happen... where did those pounds come from when in reality we already know.. that ice cream, chocolate bars, chips etc is where.  

I am writing this post for me and to try and keep myself accountable. I have gained WAY to much weight in the past year, I blame stress because I could sit and eat as much junk food as I wanted and told myself no calories as I am stressed. 

Then I tell myself, you don't want to lose weight then you have to buy a new ward robe, LAME Terri Lame! 

So today I will begin, I am not waiting for Monday or a new month, no it begins now. 
I am not following any particular plan, I will drink more water ( I will likely still have 1 pepsi per day), I will cut back on food and junk food.  Instead of chips I will eat fruit.  

I have about 50 lbs to lose and I cannot wait to come back next month and give you an update! 

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