6 Simple Changes That Will Keep Your Family Safe At Home For Life'

If you’re going to spend all of that money on a family home, then you want to make sure it’s as safe as possible. This will give you peace of mind when your children are young, and even once they have flown the nest. Here, we’ll go through 6 simple changes that will keep your family safe at home for life. 

  1. Child Proof Your Home As Early On As Possible 

Whether you have kids right now or you haven’t embarked on that chapter of your life yet, you can’t underestimate the importance of childproofing your home. Make sure you cover up your plug sockets, remove anything your child could get tangled up in (wires, blind pulleys, etc), add stair gates, and cover sharp corners. When you do this early on, you don’t need to do it as a reactionary measure once your child has already arrived. This will give you a chance to take your time with it and ensure you have everything covered before you start your family.

If you already have kids, it’s never too late to get started! 

  1. Make Your Home Look Occupied At All Times

To keep your family safe, you need to keep your home safe and ensure your security is not going to be compromised. You can do this by ensuring you make your home look occupied at all times. Installing a smart system may seem like a big leap, but it’ll give you a much more functional, future-proofed home. When you have a smart-system, you can turn the lights on and off when you’re not home, control the curtains, the temperature, and even see who’s at your door. You’ll have peace of mind wherever you are, whether you’re at home or on vacation.

  1. Get A Dog 

Many studies and stats show that families with a dog are the least likely to have their homes broken into. Of course, you should only get a dog if your family is ready for that responsibility, but it’s beneficial for so many reasons. Consider adopting a dog if you want to do an extra good deed while protecting your home! 


  1. Keep Your Garden Tidy

There’s nothing wrong with having a messy garden - you don’t need to impress your neighbors, and a messier garden can actually be a better place for wildlife to thrive. However, if it’s too messy, you could be providing hiding places for intruders. Make sure you keep your shrubs and trees tidy and install lighting so no potential intruder is tempted to hide out. 

  1. Make An Effort To Have A Healthy Home 

A healthy home is a happy, safe home. Keep it clean and hygienic, and keep an eye out for signs you may have issues like pests or mould. Make sure you find a reliable mosquito control service if you do notice you have an infestation, and do it sooner rather than later to avoid huge, expensive issues. 

  1. Get To Know Your Neighbors

When you get to know your neighbors, you can agree to watch out for one another when you’re not home. This will give you even more peace of mind, especially when you’re away on a trip. 

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