The Marriage Ark- Review

I shared this book with a newly engaged couple and they loved it and found it will be helpful.

“THE MARRIAGE ARK is a vehicle to be used one of two ways: You can either begin building a marriage ark that will shelter and keep you safe in the midst of storms; or you can survey the ark you are in for repairs needed to ensure your relationship can stand firm against the elements. Building a shelter takes planning, time and hard work. We have given the blueprint as surely as Noah was. The effort is entirely worth it, for this is the place of safety, love, family and ultimately salvation.

God and love, combined with Margaret's vast expertise yields a book that delivers wisdom, hope and encouragement. If we went in to unions with the purposefulness, openness, and giving that this book describes, it is so easy to believe in an enduring, loving bond. Thank you Margaret (and Noah) for charting a course for enduring relationships.

This is a great book to give to a newly engaged couple, a gift for a bridal shower, it is a great tool.  

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