Overcoming Your Fear of the Waiting Room'

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It’s perfectly natural to have a fear of the waiting room, dentist, doctors, office, hospital, or anywhere else that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s supposed that 3% of the population suffers from some form of fear of the doctor. However, the real issue is that it is a fear of the unknown that gets the butterflies flapping on the palms all sweaty. These waiting rooms, and by extension, the medical professionals on the other side of the door, are crucial to maintaining excellent health, though, so how can you overcome your fear?

Bring Someone With You

Whether it’s a friend or family member, bringing emotional support will make your stay in the waiting room and the doctor or dentist’s office much more comfortable. While there, you can chat and distract yourself from what is coming next. When alone, your mind fills with worry and panic over what could happen. However, if you bring someone with you, they can keep your mind occupied until it’s your turn to have your appointment. 

Research the Procedure

If you’re undergoing a medical procedure, you can make yourself feel more at ease by looking up and researching what will happen before, during, and after. Admittedly, this could make you feel even worse, but for some procedures and treatments, it is never as bad as it initially sounds. Furthermore, you can check testimonials from people who have gone through the same things as you, which can help you understand how you will feel once it’s all over. If the results are positive, you won’t feel so scared. 

Speak to Them Beforehand

Another way to overcome your fear of the waiting room and other procedures is to call up beforehand and have the doctor, nurse, or dentist talk you through what is going to happen. As they are trained to have a calming effect through their bedside manner, they can explain what will happen delicately. Through this, it won’t matter if you’re undergoing preventative dentistry or getting your appendix removed. You can understand what will happen, how it will happen, and feel comfortable with it all, too. 

Find a Different Doctor

Sometimes, it’s not always about the location or even the treatment, but instead, the persona administering the treatment. A doctor or dentist can give off bad vibes, and this will make you feel even less confident and comfortable than you already do. If possible, it might be worth looking for a new primary care professional in your area who comes heavily recommended by friends and other patients. You might find that you do not carry the same fears you did before, allowing you to get the treatment you need without issue. 

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is not something that happens overnight, it happens gradually, one step at a time, and you need plenty of dedication to feel comfortable facing your fears. In the case of fearing waiting rooms, doctors, dentists, and everything else associated with unknown medical treatments, there are at least ways that you can feel confident whenever you need to visit. 

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