A Positive & Healthy Home Can Be Yours - Here's What To Do'

Do you want to make sure your home is as positive and healthy as possible during this strange time? The advice we have here can be used at any time to ensure you are keeping your home and family as healthy as possible, with a dose of positivity to boot. When your home atmosphere is healthy and positive, everybody is going to feel so much better. Here’s what to do! 

Ensure Every Family Member Takes Responsibility For The Home 

One of the best ways to develop a positive and healthy home is to ensure everybody is taking responsibility for it in some way. If you’re doing all of the cleaning yourself, for example, you’re probably going to resent other family members who just laze about and make mess for you to clean up. When you put together some kind of rota, or at least ensure family members are responsible for their own mess and space, you’ll feel much better. You’ll also be teaching your kids valuable lessons that they can carry over into the future. 

Put Up Inspiring Images And Quotes

Having inspiring images and quotes all over the house is a great way to teach your kids valuable lessons and positive mindsets - even if only subconsciously. You could create a feature wall, for example, with pictures and quotes that you love. These things do make a difference whether you know it or not, so keep positivity in mind as you search for decor. 

Read Up On Toxic Positivity

Being positive is great, but there’s such a thing as misplaced positivity. Putting a positive spin on things and avoiding dwelling on the negative is fantastic, but this shouldn’t be done at the expense of becoming emotionally aware and feeling your feelings. Expecting kids to be positive all the time is simply unrealistic, and could cause them to bury their feelings - it’s extremely unhealthy. Instead, help them to identify their feelings and work through them. Then, help them to move forward. They should not immediately bury and squash ‘negative’ feelings. All feelings are there to teach us something, negative or not. 


Communicate Clear Boundaries And Expectations 

You need to have clear boundaries and expectations laid out so that your family knows how to act in the home. For example, set boundaries such as: 

  • Be respectful to other members of the family at all times

  • No violence ever, no exceptions

  • We work through disagreements together, we don’t try to get one over on each other 

Your boundaries and expectations may be different, but once you have them, make sure you stick to them. 

Keep An Eye On Appliances, Maintenance And Repairs

A healthy home isn't very healthy at all without working, energy star rated appliances. Make sure you keep an eye on your maintenance schedule, and don’t leave repairs so long that they cause even more issues. Make sure you also keep an eye on things like pest infestations - this can easily happen if food is not cleaned up as soon as it is prepared (something kids are pretty bad at). Make sure you have a trusted pest control service on hand to help you, just in case.  

Develop A Regular Mindfulness Practice

A regular mindfulness practice could be anything you enjoy - meditation, yoga, or even journaling. Do it as a family, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. 

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