Feeling At Home After A Move'

They say that home is where the heart is, so when you move home, even if it’s just down the street from where you live now, it can take a while to feel that homely comfort again. There are a few little things, however, that can make you feel safe and secure in your new home in no time at all.  

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When you are in the packing phase of your move, it is prudent to have a few boxes with the items you will need the soonest upon arrival. That could be the kettle, toilet paper, coffee, and your laptop. 

Or it might be your favourite blankets, books, and mugs. 

Think about what you are going to want first, and make sure that the box is labeled well for the moving company. Ensure that you use a moving company that has a good reputation like onthegomoving.com - to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. 


Routine is comforting both to adults and children. It helps to get back into life as it used to be as quickly as possible. Once the hustle and bustle of unpacking are over, try to get back to the routine that everyone is used to. It can help everyone settle in much quicker.


Our sense of smell is one of the most potent senses, when we smell something that brings us back to our childhood, and reminds us of things we love. 

Brewing coffee with your favorite cafeteria in the morning, or lighting a specific candle as the night draws in, or maybe your soft leather sofa. No matter what the smell is, that makes you feel at home, aim to have it around for the first few days if you can. 

Of course, all homes have a unique smell in the end, but those early moments can feel alien without it. 


When you first get into a new house, it might be tempting to order some food from the new local takeaway, but actually, it is better to cook something that you all love in your new kitchen. If the tables and chairs aren't ready yet, don’t worry too much. Some cushions and boxes can make the perfect seating area. 

Kid First

When it comes to really feel at home, children are likely to crave that comfort more quickly - because they won’t be as focused as the adults on moving boxes and unpacking the rest of the house. So as well as the box of immediate essentials, ensure that the children’s boxes are labeled well and can be taken to their new rooms quickly. This way, they can focus on setting their bedroom up while you focus on the rest of the unpacking. 

While moving can be exciting, it can also bring a lot of upheaval for the whole family. Pets and children like a sense of security and home are that for them. It might take a few days or weeks, but when you are surrounded by things you love, with familiar smells, it can be a smoother process for everyone. 

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