Could This Be The Plant That Saves The Planet?'

 We’re all doing our best to live a lifestyle that’s both healthy and sustainable. We know all too well the impact that our choices as consumers can have on the planet. Many of us have reconsidered our choice of vehicle, cut down on our use of single use plastics and even reduced the amount of meat, dairy, eggs and seafood that we consume in an effort to love more sustainably. Documentaries like Cowspiracy have shown us the devastating impact that animal agriculture can have on our air, our land, our oceans and our forests. It’s one of the leading causes of deforestation, animal habitat loss, species extinction, ocean dead zones and air pollution. 

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Increasingly, it’s looking like plants could be the solution to helping us live a more ethical and sustainable life. Cultivating them, eating them, and using them to create everything from medicines to product packaging can help us reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet and reduce our reliance on plastics and animal products. But there’s one plant in particular that shows enormous promise. A plant that has an enormous variety of uses and benefits. We’re talking about the hemp plant. Despite many misconceptions around this wonder plant, it might just be the plant that saves the planet. Here’s why...

It’s incredibly versatile

The hemp plant can be used to make everything from rope, clothes and shoes to paper and sustainable bioplastics. “Hemp milk” is a healthy and highly sustainable alternative to dairy milk which you can use in your morning coffee, your breakfast cereals or anywhere else you tend to put the white stuff. Heck, before cotton dominated the textile industry in the 1820s, up to 80% of clothes worn in the US were made from hemp.

It’s highly sustainable

While plant agriculture is invariably more sustainable than animal agriculture, some plants are more sustainable than others. The hemp plant, however, highly beneficial and economically viable for farmers. It is an annual crop that grows in just four months of planting, making it ideal for rotation making for higher crop yields as well as richer, cleaner soil.

Its compounds can aid wellness in a number of ways

You’ll likely have noticed the proliferation of CBD products on the market today. Cannabidiol or CBD has been linked to a wide range of positive health outcomes from pain relief to combatting depression, stress and anxiety. Take a look at the range of products at Kaya Hemp Company to see just how many products can be made from this wonder plant. Most of the world’s CBD comes from hemp and as such it is usually either very low in THC or completely THC free. 

Its seeds could even help to fight world hunger

Finally, we don’t need to rely on animals for a ready source of protein and calories. Hemp seeds are high in protein and have the amino acids and caloric density that can sustain human life. Indeed, because hemp is so eminently farmable, these little protein-packed kernels have the potential to eliminate world hunger.  

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