Easy Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life

Although it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, it’s important to embrace the new season of Fall and a fresh start. Autumn is a great time to prep your home for spending a lot of time inside and adopting a minimalist lifestyle is a perfect way to do just that. How can you create a clean, cozy, and welcoming space that you’re excited to nestle into for the winter? Below we’re highlighting five simple ways to get started living a minimalist mindset.

1) Audit your closet

Chances are that you have plenty of neglected items in your closet that you wouldn’t miss if you threw them away today and never saw them again? Don’t feel guilty about purging, and make a list of the types of items you’re ditching—then try not to make those kinds of purchases again. After all, you won’t crowd your closet if you’re conscious of not buying clothes, books, and gadgets that you don’t need in the first place.

2) Prioritize digitizing 

Almost everything can be found in a digital form. Books? Exercise gadgets? Planners and organizers? Get rid of the physical clutter you don’t use and embrace digital formats. It might seem obvious, but so many of us hold onto things for no reason because we think “we might use it someday.” Don’t fall into that trap. Also, do yourself a favor and digitize as many old photos and arts & crafts projects as possible. They’re just collecting dust, and you’re not even looking at them in their physical form! Preserve them digitally, then move on.

3) Don’t budge on your budget

It’s no surprise that the relationship between minimalism and budgeting is mutually beneficial. Keeping an eye on your budget helps you adopt minimalist habits. You’ll naturally pay more attention to your spending patterns. You’ll also be more likely to stop yourself from splurging on unnecessary impulse purchases. In short: buy less junk, save more money at the same time. 

4) Don’t hate, eliminate!

Many of us are guilty of mindlessly accumulating things we don’t need (or want!) It’s an easy trap to fall into—before you know it you’re stacking up unneeded things. After all, it’s the impulse buyers who end up with a surplus of clothes, books, and gadgets clogging up their closets.  Instead of second-guessing, hating, and stressing about your clutter, simply eliminate as much as possible. This will allow you to have a fresh start. 

5) Embrace a green mindset

Look for reusable and multi-purpose items that are space-saving. Not only are you helping yourself, but you’re also helping the planet. Avoid any kind of single-use products. There are the obvious swaps, like using reusable straws and glass tupperware rather than plastic straws, ziplocs, or saran wrap. But there are tons of new, eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products, too (like reusable coffee filters!)

Becoming a minimalist helps you focus on everything you do have, allowing us to have a clear space and a grateful heart. Your newfound minimalism can help you maintain your budget and make your home into the sanctuary you always wanted it to be. What better way to get ready for Fall? Check out the graphic below for more minimalist lifestyle tips.

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