The Secret To Giving Your Home A Fresh Look Without Major Changes'

Making major changes and renovations to your home can be exciting, and can help to make it look more beautiful while making it more functional. However, many people want to freshen up their home without making major changes. Below you’ll find some ideas that will help to freshen up your home without spending lots of money and effort. Take a look: 

Use A Fresh Coat Of Paint

There’s little that a fresh coat of paint can’t fix. You could go for an entirely new color, or simply paint over a wall in the same color to freshen it up. The key to making sure the paint job is up to standard is prepping everything properly. Using painters tape to ensure you get crisp lines will be a huge help. A high quality paint brush and roller will ensure you can get right into the corners and that the paint goes on evenly. Cheap brushes can leave bristles and drag lines in the paint, so avoid them. 


Declutter Everything 

Go on a decluttering mission and declutter as much as you can to create space and keep your home free from mess. You really need to be honest with yourself here about what you actually use and what you need to keep. Keeping things ‘just in case’ when you haven’t needed them for 6 months or more is usually pointless. You’ll feel so much better when you finally let go of all of those items lying around that you don’t use. Here are some pointers that can help you:

  • Be vigilant with yourself. If you haven’t used an item in 6 months, chances are you won’t use it again (unless the item is seasonal).

  • Get rid of duplicate items.

  • Sell on the items or give them to a charity to avoid throwing them away. 

  • Ask yourself what actually brings joy, Marie Kondo style. 

  • Ask somebody you trust to help you - they may be able to help you see things objectively. 

  • Make sure everything has a place and invest in more storage options.

  • Deal with things like documents and letters ASAP, don’t just leave them out or they will pile up. 

  • Know your clutter style - for example, many people use surfaces in the home as dumping grounds. If you find that you do this, fresh flowers in a pretty vase placed on the offending surface can be a great deterrent. 

Have Your Hardwood Floor Refinished 

You don’t need to buy brand new flooring to get a fresh look. In fact, you can simply look into hardwood floor refinishing to give your current floor a fresh look. This is nowhere near as expensive as buying a new floor, but will give your floor an amazing fresh look and help to brighten up your interior tenfold. You’ll love the difference. 

Update Your Hardware 

Updating your hardware is another really easy switch to make. Adding new drawer handles and light fittings can perk up a room and give it an interesting new look without spending too much time or money. It’s very cost effective and you can get some gorgeous hardware options depending on the look you’d like to achieve. 

Move Your Furniture Around 

Maybe your furniture could do with a slight rearrangement. If you want to make sure the layout you’re thinking of will work before you put in the effort, you can always use an app where you put in the measurements of everything to see if it will work. Either way, you should pull your furniture away from the wall. Many homeowners do this automatically, thinking that it will give them more space in the room. However, it can make the room appear less professionally put together. 

Update Your Window Treatments 

Window treatments can make a huge difference to any room in your home. They can make it feel cosier, or they can create a light and airy feel depending on what you need. Great window treatments really will pay off in the long run. If you want privacy and to be able to control lighting as much as possible, blinds are probably your best bet. 

Add Some Flowers and Plants 

Flowers and plants should be included in every home. They can perk up a home and have added benefits, such as purifying the air. Snake plants are very easy to look after if you’re a novice. 

Update Your Lighting 

A change of lighting could be just what you need. Bright white lighting can sometimes make a home seem sterile. Make sure you have the right kind for each room in your home. 

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